a socal real estate identity > 10.17

In our competitive real estate market, an individual agent needs to stand out. San Diego native, Del Phillips, was looking for a new logo that represented the higher end market in SoCal. A series of icons were developed with details of sun, surf, palms, and art. And we identified orange as having the most potential to stand out in the San Diego market among a plethora of red and blue realtor signs. Orange is the new red?!

elderhelp branding revamp > 08.17

TWD has revamped Elderhelp's identity for 2017. Their prime goal is to keep elderly in their homes and to provide services to facilitate just that. We call it "solutions for living". The logo was reworked, color scheme was brightened to reflect a more positive attitude, and typography was cleaned up through sanserif text for legibility. Yes, we used the house icon which may seem cliche but it is part of their main purpose!

veterans community services gets new look > 03.16

Veterans Community Services (VCS) is a program designed to place homeless Veterans and their families into permanent housing. They also offer assistance with access to Veteran & public benefits by providing supportive services & referrals, and temporary financial assistance. We rebranded them with a positive, fresh look that is used to reach homeless Veterans, and also gives them the ability to provide professional presentations for state and federal grants. Logo concepts included an open door, eagle, circles, medals and ribbons. Our team of Veterans agreed that dog tags were something that had the most meaning for them. Incorporating brighter colors and photographing former and present clients was key to make it real. And of course a dog tag-shaped business card!

ty webb featured in design magazine > 05.15

Ty Webb Design is proud to have Ty Webb featured with some talented and amazing designers and artists in the current issue of “Labor of Love” Magazine. Designer, artist and editor Lori Siebert created the magazine so others can see how designers bring their artistry to all aspects of their lives. Readers see inside designers homes, workspaces, gardens, and Lori pays tribute to designers and artists who have blazed their unique creative paths through life. Whew, Lori, that is a lot to live up to! So to learn more about Ty and where he creates, take a peek inside by clicking here to download the article.

author jennifer laurent’s new book > 01.15

Look for New York author Jennifer Laurent’s new book about a conscious approach to parenting. “Excerpts From The Heart Of A Mom”. We’ve designed a cover that reflects the author’s modern mindset. The client is in tune with nature which was the focus for the book cover design. The hummingbird and flower worked well here as the hummingbird can be seen as the child and the flower as the mother providing nectar or “nurture”. An alternate graphic for the mother nurturing the child so they can "take flight" is shown on the right.

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