making our mark on a new palm springs hotel > 08.20

Born out of a vintage '50s Palm Springs vibe, a twist of '80s spring break, some youthful irreverence, and a dash of LA attitude, The Cole Hotel provides a needed getaway for a wide variety of clientele. From our take on the brand vision, personality and color palettes, to the details of key cards and wayfinding, we've helped to develop a hotel vibe that is chill with a bit of attitude. Want to escape today's insanity? Can we go now, please?!

this plant nursery continues to thrive > 06.20

Before Covid, we had been working on a Walter Andersen Nursery rebranding and total website rebuild to get more gardening information out to customers. We digitized all those useful tip sheets, newsletters, and all of that old print stuff since the information is still pertinent and valuable to us amateur gardeners. It was lucky planning, as for some it has been difficult getting out to the stores this year. That said, the site has been a boon to home gardeners with their victory gardens. Customers could place orders and even show photos and ask questions about their gardens without having to go to the store in person. Luckily the Walter Andersen Nursery stores are open again so your garden can thrive. Here is some of our recent work.

port of san diego icons > 03.20

The Port of San Diego through Action Research asked for a series of icons for stormwater best management practices and pollution prevention. Topics included cleaning protocols, personnel and training, chemical spills and leaks, business operations, pollutants and material storage.

new program to help reduce the use of plastic straws > 08.18

Action Research approached us about a County of San Diego program to help reduce the use of plastic straws by giving away free stainless steel straws at community events. We needed to create a vehicle for distribution so we designed a visually engaging die-cut piece that houses the straw, helps to educate the public, and we hope to create the behavioral change needed. These plastics end up in our waterways and have harmful effects on birds, sea life and other animals. So maybe the next time you order a drink, tell them to hold the plastic straw. Just drink out of the glass, it's not that bad, right?!

sandia energy saving initiative > 04.18

Sandia National Laboratories has renewed their effort to save energy internally through new marketing materials. We used black line art illustrations with bright colors to highlight energy savings through lights, monitors, fume hoods, power strips, and energy saving software that turns off computers when you leave for the day. Hopefully, these good habits will translate to our own personal lives in helping us save energy and money at home!

planting trees and saving water > 02.18

TWD receives many projects regarding the environment. Two new programs were to plant trees and reduce lawn watering. The city of Bowie, Maryland introduced a rebate program to help pay for some of the cost if you plant new trees. Sometimes we need a little kick in the you know what to get it done. This promotion educates on the value of having trees in your yard, planting tips and rebates to help you get it done. And Massachusetts needed a teaching tool about saving yard water while keeping your lawn healthy. We helped to make the information clear by color coding sections, using infographics, and being direct and to the point.

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