marriott marina kitchen menu > 11.12

It’s today’s room service. Local farmers with farm-fresh vegetables and locally-sourced meats. We designed an earthy, rustic and cozy menu for the comfort food that Marina Kitchen serves up so well. And what’s uniques about this room service is that you pick it up! Tabbed pages housed in a binder makes it easy to navigate. And the rustic type gives it a cozy feeling.

"cool is clean" campaign > 09.12

Cold water to wash all clothes? Of course! The branding for this national campaign had to appeal to and compel consumers to change their hot water usage to cold water for washing clothes. A marketing campaign includes flyers and magnets to educate consumers about environmental and monetary savings. Starting in four U.S. cities, the campaign will be introduced in more cities in the new year.

pruning book redesign for walter andersen nursery > 03.12

We had to reorder after just six months in print again! Could it be the new design?! When R. Sanford Martin wrote the first edition of this book in 1944, his intent was to take the mystery out of pruning all kinds of fruit trees which was a standard gardeners have used for decades. After going out of print, Walter Andersen Nursery realized there was still a demand for the book and decided to revamp it. We wanted to capture the vintage look of a 1940s book while bringing it into the 21st century. Original hand-drawn illustrations from the original book were included to relate to that hands-on, hand-crafted feeling of working in the garden. Available on Walter Andersen Nursery’s book shelves and

watkins environmental rebranding + website launch > 03.12

Ty Webb Design has rebranded Watkins Construction, a hazardous materials remediation and demolition company into Watkins Environmental. Watkins is building a solid, modern, corporate look as they are a leader in the environmental clean-up industry in the western U.S. What you can’t see online is the introduction of metallic silver on printed materials and vehicles. With so many people going digital, some forget how using different materials or techniques can add to a brand. A little something to stand out from the competitors.

prohibition-themed fundraiser promotions > 02.12

What a great project in which to be involved. Not only will it be a great event in downtown San Diego, it helps fund non-profit, ElderHelp, in keeping older people in their homes and assisting them in living active lifestyles. The goal here of course was to capture the underground, dark, mysterious vibe of the Roaring ‘20s during prohibition. Vintage wallpaper patterns, vintage graphics and rich colors, sexy ladies, drinking, guns and gambling set the tone. Hey, if you are in Southern California, why not see what its all about!