ty webb design lands vital therapies account > 09.13

Well actually we started work back in May but the new branding is coming along nicely. Vital Therapies is a biopharmaceutical company developing a bio-artificial liver therapy. Apparently mauve is the new black! Vital Therapies had all of the materials to market themselves but needed a consistent branding message through color, typography, graphic elements and a revamping of charts, graphs and other materials. See the newest materials here.

ty webb design chosen for logolounge annual > 08.13

It’s always cool to be recognized! With 35,000 logo submissions to LogoLounge, only 5% got selected for their Annual publication so it's definitely and honor. I would love to tell you more about this railroad company, but things are still in development. Go to LogoLounge to see more of our logos.

damn you tina fey! > 06.13

It was our big break...finally after all the promises to get to design a movie logo, it was happening! The logo for Admissions was on the set, the movie was in production, but then Tina Fey and Paul Rudd’s new movie, Admission, came along. Well, the name was obviously too similar so the logo was scrapped and the movie renamed. And of course, in Hollywood, everyone has a cousin that has a cousin that designs logos. Next time!

showgo launches new website > 04.13

ShowGo is a new genre of travel agency catering to film and TV productions by providing the best lodging available to cast and crew in the industry. The client wanted simple iconography and bright colors with a retro vibe. Well, ok! When it comes to “retro”, people have different ideas of what that is—old-fashioned, vintage, some think its the 80s or 70s, but it could be a 20s, 30s or 40s look. The client loved the vintage look of 1940s movies but wanted to modernize the site with a campy twist. When photography is shot in a different decade, it may look dated or campy already, which worked for this site. Add clever copywriting and a mix of modern colors and type, and there it is!

masquerade at the hard rock hotel > 03.13

This year’s fundraiser for the non-profit ElderHelp, is Masquerade at the Hard Rock. So of course we were going to incorporate a mask into the design. Die cuts can add a lot of interest to a design but should have a purpose too! With this die cut invitation, as you look through the eyes, you see the logo, theme and location of the event. Because the event is for a non-profit, we kept the invitation to 2 colors and used duotones in the logo and imagery. This festive, hip and modern event takes place at the end of April—get your tix!