action research to launch new website > 09.14

We recently rebranded Action Research’s new website and marketing displays. AR specializes in changing human behavior through the application of traditional marketing activities blended with cutting edge research findings from the social and behavioral sciences including psychology, sociology, and economics. They promote behaviors that contribute to clean, healthy, and sustainable communities. The website uses an animated grid that highlights aspects of each area in which Action Research is involved. We designed a clean, modern look so the site is easy to navigate. The new website launched in October, 2014.

there’s a blue streak at walter andersen nursery > 06.14

We’ve repurposed WAN’s brand by updating the color palette to include blue. The client had wanted to incorporate blue into the existing brand, so we found a blue that matched the corporate green and terracotta in the logo. From there we have been rebranding delivery trucks, signage, newsletters, website, plant containers, and much more! So over the next few months, you will start to see more blue in the stores and online.

designs on the rachel ray show > 04.14

Yes, it’s a cool thing to see your work on store shelves, but to see it on TV is even better! Here, Rachel Ray highlighted these amazing cookies for which we designed the packaging as well as the website and other promotional materials. If you want to purchase some, here’s the website!

brand flashback > scripps national spelling bee 1998 > 01.14

They call this retro now, right? Take a trippy trip back to the '90s when Ty Webb used to work on the National Spelling Bee materials. Each year included a study guide distributed by National newspapers, guide books, T-shirts and other promotional items. And whatever we could imagine, we usually could get away with it, as the market was geared towards kids.