kings island promotions > 08.20

Zoinks! Before Cedar Fair, Paramount owned Kings Island and we had the opportunity to relive our childhood with promotions for
Hanna-Barbera Land, Scooby Doo, Yogi Bear, and rides like Vortex, Top Gun and more! All are gone from the park now. We rebranded and expanded a newly created website as well as developed many promotions for stores like Kroger, CVS and Wendy's. So yes, we yabba-dabba-did it!


pringles redesign > 08.18

The year was 1995 and the Pringles guy looked like he was from 1935. As a freelancer, I was approached to work on initial concepts for the logo and packaging for the Pringles brand. These were just initial concepts and not produced. Too cheesy? Too wacky? Ahead of my time? Maybe a little dated now, okay, a lot dated! So there is a reason brands evolve decade after decade. A youthful brand like Pringles can reflect current trends and then redesign itself several years later. It's what is needed to stay competitive in the food and beverage market. It's soooo 90s!


lea delaria promo > 04.18

It was 2002 and Lea Delaria was not yet on the hit Netflix series "Orange is the New Black". But she did have her own musical, comedic one woman show. We designed promotions for her night club act 16 years ago.


summerfair six art exhibition > 10.17

We love to support the arts, and many graphic designers and branding agencies get hit up to help them out with their endeavors. The Summerfair Six biennial art exhibition in Cincinnati asked us to design an invite and program for their event highlighting fine artists in the region. We were very pleased with the results and the artists were well as design competition judges. We won a top tier Gold design award at the Art Director's Club annual design competition, and only a few were presented that year. We think the design holds up after all those years!


gibson greeting cards > 03.16

Time for another trippy trip back to the 90s when we designed greeting cards for Gibson Greetings' Snaps line in Cincinnati. And it looks like somebody was trippin’ when they laid these out! It was a great gig. They would give you the copy and we would just produce the cool graphics (at least then we thought they were!). Take a look, a baby with a handgun? I don’t think that would fly now...well, maybe in some areas, and you know who you are. But nothing lasts forever as Gibson was bought by American Greetings and closed shop. Thanks for the memories.


scripps national spelling bee > 09.15

They call this retro now, right? Take a trippy trip back to the 90s when we used to work on the National Spelling Bee materials. Each year included a study guide distributed by National newspapers, guide books, T-shirts and other promotional items. And whatever we could imagine, we usually could get away with it, as the market was geared towards kids. We produced materials for the Bee from 1995 to 2001.

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